WordPress Plugin and Your Choices

WordPress Plugins

The WordPress platform is in all respects a Social Network because once registered you will have an account with which to buy or sell products. Thanks to your account, you can exchange messages on the platform, create customized lists of your products, manage to bill and, over time, acquire badges to identify the number of products purchased, affiliates, seniority, etc. etc. The use of WordPress Plugins come perfectly there.

Which stores are present on WordPress?

If WordPress is Earth, the different markets on the platform are the different elements that make it up. For this reason, on WordPress we can find different stores, each dedicated to a class of digital resources:

  • Themeforest: where to find graphic themes for the creation of websites
  • Codecanyon: where you can buy scripts and plugins inside. In a special section, you can also buy WordPress plugins
  • Videohive: where to find video clips or effects
  • Audiojungle: from which to buy audio tracks, loops and sound effects
  • Graphicriver: where to search for fonts, logos and graphic resources
  • Photodoune: where photos and photographic images are sold
  • 3docean: from which to buy 3D models and textures

What is Themeforest?

The WordPress store, dedicated to graphic themes for the creation of websites, is called Themeforest. Within this digital market, we can find themes for WordPress and beyond, as different web professionals, after creating templates for other CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento and PrestaShop (to name a few but there are themes and plugins for all Open Source CMS ) have chosen this platform to sell their products.

On Themeforest it is then possible to find more or less complex HTML layouts, to be used to create landing pages, management or websites, making them compatible for a CMS, Open Source or owner or by creating static sites. Always on Themeforest, you can find HTML layouts to create DEM, newsletters or professional emails with a strong graphic impact.

How to choose a WordPress theme on Themeforest?

After several years in which we purchased several products on the Themeforest market (and in the other stores of the platform), mindful of errors and inconveniences, I acquired my method of choosing themes for WordPress.

Let’s see together the different analysis and control points that lead me to select a WordPress theme on Themeforest for the purpose of creating a website avoiding boredom.

WordPress Plugins

Needs analysis

Before carrying out any action it is necessary to understand what our actual needs are. It makes no sense to choose a graphic theme with a thousand features when we have to develop a site that will take advantage of only a minimal part of it . On the contrary, it is necessary to understand what our site actually needs and analyze how to develop the required features that can be managed through:

  • proprietary component of the graphic theme.
  • adding a plugin.
  • dedicated software development.

To proceed in the best way and actually understand our needs, regardless of having to buy a theme on Themeforest or develop it from us, it is advisable to better design our website on paper, in order to analyze in detail the features that we will have need and if in the future it will be necessary to develop others.

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