What Makes the Whole process of Blocked Drain Cleaning perfect

Blocked Drain Kent

If you have tried to apply all these tips but unpleasant odors keep coming back, you will have no choice. To definitively solve the problem, the intervention of a plumber will be essential to find an effective solution such as the installation of an anti-odor valve. Only a professional can provide you with a lasting solution. Create the habitat that suits you. Habitatpresto.com helps you get the right price for all your work: boiler replacement, flooring, bathroom renovation etc. The exterior drain is exposed to leaves, dirt and the like all the time. This debris can enter the drain and end up clogging it in the long run. The Blocked Drain Kent happens to be perfect there.

Consequence: water stagnates on the drain which in the long run causes flooding inside the house. Unclogging a drain is not always easy, however. But there are several ways to evacuate the stagnant water and make it easier to circulate again. So before you call the plumber, here are a few tips you can try to easily unclog your exterior drain.

Blocked Drain Kent

Unclog your exterior drain with a plunger

The simplest solution to unclogging an exterior drain effectively is to use a plunger. This equipment is specially designed for drain unblocking. Sometimes you just need to try once or twice to resolve your problem. The trick is simple. Put water in your tub and in your sinks. Then you must block all the adjoining vents so that the only air inlet is at the level of the exterior drain. Place the head of the plunger on the drain so that it is covered. It becomes a kind of suction cup where the air has no possibility to escape. Perform back and forth movements using both hands. This movement is essential to dislodge the debris responsible for the blockage. Then remove the equipment and check if the water is draining again. Repeat attempts until all blockages are dislodged.

Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar

The mixture of baking soda and vinegar creates a very powerful chemical reaction, resulting in a strong effervescence. This recipe is effective in melting some debris that is blocking your exterior drain. Mix the two elements and when the solution begins to react with fizz, pour all the solution into the blocked drain and follow with boiling water to rinse the gnawed residue.

Baking soda and salt

Yet another chemical reaction you can create with ingredients available in your kitchen. This is the mixture of salt and bicarbonate. This mixture is an alternative to the chemical bicarbonate or vinegar solution. Mix the two substances and pour everything down the drain. Wait 20 minutes for the elements to work, then pour very hot water down the drain and watch the reaction take place. This trick is very effective in dislodging certain blockages, but it does not always work.

Switch to high pressure unclogging

If all the little tricks haven’t been of much use, then now is the time to take out the heavy artillery. Some blockages are caused by very persistent debris that you cannot dislodge with rudimentary means. So call a plumbing company for a high pressure unclogging. Some companies have specialized equipment for this kind of troubleshooting. They can therefore move their high-pressure pump truck and completely dislodge all the debris from your drain. After the vehicle has passed, you will feel that the water evacuation in your interior has become more fluid. This trick requires a large budget, but its effectiveness is no longer in doubt for help from a professional plumber.

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