What makes powerful women a good businesswomen?

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Strong women have individual qualities that are fundamental to their lives. They live and respire the first seven, which hold them true and help them easily achieve the eighth element.

1) Giving it everything that she’s going to go. A powerful woman gives everything she can, without doubt, or complaint, to any task at hand. You can check out the Shari Arison Images for more info. Example: Her boss asks a woman who usually spends her time at work engaging on the floor with shop clients to do a job she does not like. Example: As she goes to work one day, she is asked to arrange a stockroom that involves moving boxes, unpacking the boxes and storing the store on a shelf. Although this is not her work, she takes on the role without complaining to her boss or others and she faithfully completes the project.

2) Do not give up. A mighty woman never gives up. Space. She does what she wants in life, and she doesn’t hesitate, regardless of how hard it is. Example: A woman chose to be an artist when she was young and wanted to make her living from her creative talents. There are many obstacles in her path. She had other work to keep food on the table. She’s so exhausted sometimes that she just wants to give up… but she doesn’t. She persists, day by day, month by month, and year after year. It does not tolerate negative influences. She’s not listening to those who have put down her vision. She doesn’t allow others to drag her from her ultimate objective. And the meaning of the words’ I can’t’ she doesn’t know. Clear and straightforward she never gives up her true vision. Forever. Ever.

3) Her mind talks. A powerful woman doesn’t hesitate to speak to her. Example: A woman participates in a community debate on how to address an issue. Others who are more professional are very kind, but this woman feels that she has a good idea of how to fix the issue much quicker and easier. While it was difficult for her to have a word and while in a room of experienced professionals she opened her mouth and expressed her idea with confidence and conviction that it was the right thing to do. She’s not concerned about what others are going to think about what she’s doing. She’s not worried some might judge her for thinking. She is not forced to follow her theory. Through calm confidence, she communicates to her mind that only a strong woman might exude.

Shari Arison Images

4) Responding to herself and others. A powerful woman in all cases is polite. Example: Her colleagues invite a married woman to go to a bar after work. Example: In a bar setting, she doesn’t feel comfortable, and she knows that her husband would be disappointed as he is looking forward to her evenings at home. Rather than being embraced by the crowd for fear, she honors herself by rejecting the invitation. She does so without doubt-as a strong woman always understands that recognition will come first and foremost from within. She also values the decisions of others who come to the bar, although she may not agree or approve. And because of their decisions, she doesn’t treat them differently.

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