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The people have now had more choice than before with enormous ratings and changes have been seen in the amount of content that is downloaded on hourly basis with more and more people opting for better selection of shows and films that are consumed by wider audience from all age groups who have more liking to online content and film in streaming than ever before.

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film in streaming

Sitting in the theatre is not an option and people do like to visit a theatre if there is an extravagance such a 3D or 4D or 5D like experience. Otherwise, they would prefer to watch something at the comfort of their home, then go through traffic, find a parking slot or pay the parking fee and sit in the dark a watch a movie with so many commercials as a filler. This would take an entire day out for a person. Here you could multi-task when viewing movies and enjoy the same with much fanfare. The satisfaction is evident. Movies buff may disagree, but they will eventually see light why it is more beneficial to get to use the online stuff. This whole thing of cost and time are saved with online content which is now easily available, and you would just have to lap it up.

The projection technology and the seating, the quality of making movies have all taken a leap with bigger budgets and A-list actors lining up projects which seemed impossible a few years ago are now a reality with CGI and VFX in play there is so much for the audiences to imagine and watch but get it for real. It is no longer the animation or real image movies but there is equal viewership for great content put out there. The live streaming of movies or shows that people are more accepting of being able to try something new and out of the box ideas and the conservatory crowd is no longer appalled by certain images, scenes or dialogues and the more prudish crowd wouldn’t care to watch. There is something for everyone to take from and enjoy as much.

Online content viewing

The acceptance is heartening and the newer avenues to provide entertainment have made it possible to have a wider audience and go to grass root levels of viewership. The capabilities are not doubted, production houses are ready to invest, and corporates are coming forward to fund movies that make sense and people are getting to watch a sheer variety and plethora of subjects which were once brushed under the carpet for lack of funds, no takers for roles or no interest or appreciation from the audience.

Now films are made for niche audiences and targeted to them. There all kinds in the works and the pipeline right from short films, documentaries, docu-dramas, biopics and fictionalized versions of people’s lives or eras which would be blasphemous several decades ago. Now people are willing to take risks to make and there are people willing to watch it, compare it with what they have heard or read about it. The directors can bring back the bygone era or create lavish sets or recce for scenes to be shot anywhere in the world and this beneficial for the movie scene as people can see not of their own place but out into the other countries of the world and their depiction.

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