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Cinema has always been a way to explore the peoples’ lives. It was and is increasingly a denial of clarity, and like everything in reality, it is a place of light and shadow. Not only because light and shadow form its decimonic origin, but also because it can be conducive to both intelligence and stupidity. Today we are astonished to see how the hegemonic cinema screens the big and small canvases with a demonic defense speech for violence over violence will, for the horror of pleasure in horror, for which monstrosity of forms covers. It organizes itself to prevent reflection, as if it were exclusively in search of the conditioned reaction of a spectator, depressed in his capacity for thought, but touched in his instincts. Now you can enjoy unlimited movies of different test at movies123 .


Opinion of the experts

A North American director has openly and resignedly acknowledged that the violent cinema of his country is aptly representative of his society. It is correct to come back to the initial consideration that, in the future, if one has to examine the current Yankee society sociologically, only little could contribute to a better knowledge of this society as the contemporary North American cinema with all its notable virtues, but also his deepest abysses. Because art does not emerge from the isolated individual will of a creator, but is primarily the expression of a collective experience of society through the individual sensitivity of the artist, who nourishes his mind and thoughts with what is happening around him. And this “happening” does not occur accidentally, but is formed by states of mind, which in turn are produced by the historical circumstances, by the clever or foolish evolution of the social and institutional complex, which is not static, but which changes, transforms, but following the direction of a collective will that has an idea of ??time and space that has created a “vision” or cosmovision of the historical goal of the social complex that “wishes” the future in its own way. If we asked the entire North American society today about their idea of ??the future, the answers might be consistent. Although it is a very timid society, so it is also a society with confidence in their future, a future that they can not imagine without their hegemony. The problems she is experiencing today are the product of the shortcomings and inadequacies of her political system, the same thing that has brought her to the “Pinakel” of the world power and a state that exerts a tremendous fascination for the collective soul and an objective view to prevent things Maybe she is on the path of self-destruction; In any case, it exhibits the necessary monsters which, at this point in history, have already become untameable. The inequalities increase and will increase to unbearable. Perhaps the economic centers of power controlling the political force will be forced to to forcibly limit the collective dream. We do not know, but today this vital country, capable of producing extraordinary technological achievements, fascinating music and a lot of films, gives us a troubled appearance whose longing for the future threatens us all. And the American cinema contains that restlessness that carries that taste for danger in itself.

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