The Best Choices for the Perfect men Hair Stylist

men hair stylist

After research, to attack find a hairdresser in your area when shopping or going out with friends.If you see a person with a cut or color that fits well with their morphology, even if it’s not your style, ask them who made their cut. If his hairdresser knew his morphology, chances are good that he can do the same with you. Know that hairdressers know more than one cup. Do not be uncomfortable asking for the hairdresser’s name and contact information. Do you say that it is always nice to be told that we have a beautiful head? The men hair stylist comes up with the best deals there now.

men hair stylist

Make the tour of the salons.

Do not necessarily rely on large banners or the size of salons. In hairdressing, talent is the human being. Ask for an appointment consultation with a hairdresser. Any hairdresser who follows a good code of ethics should give you between 3 and 10 minutes of his time, usually for free. Some may charge you a few dollars that will usually be refundable on your appointment. Inform yourself beforehand. Note that a hairdresser who refuses you consultation is perhaps not for you, especially if you are fearful.

During your consultation, ask the hairdresser to tell you what he sees in your hair. Then show him the pictures of the styles you do not like by specifying what you do not like about these photos. Then, do the same with the photos of the styles you like. Remember to point out important details like bangs or gradients for example. Specify your preferences.

Then comes the description of what you can do with your hair.

Good or very good setting with heated rollers for example. Describe your routine, you should also make the nomenclature of the styling products you use. Your hairdresser can then determine if the products you use regularly will be compatible with the new look you want. He may suggest investing and learning more about maintaining the look you want. You will then be able to judge if it is possible to insert everything into your routine.

Then comes the color

Ask to see the mosaic of colors wicks of different colors so you can get an idea. Note that the color on these wires may be more flamboyant and shiny than on your hair, depending on the condition of the hair. The leads can still give you a good idea. In order to understand your hairdresser and to be able to convey your expectations more effectively, you should take note of the lexicon of hairdressing. No need to tell you how much good communication between you and your hairdresser is important.

For the cut

Gradient long: The wick at the top of the head remains long which has the effect of giving a slight gradient in the lower part of the hair.

Short Gradient: The wick at the top is short or very short which has the effect of giving a much more pronounced gradient and a greater effect of movement and texture.

Concave or Bob cut: The nape of the neck is shorter with an angle that leads to a longer hair forward.

Square cut with or without gradient: The squared cut is defined by the same length forwards as it is behind, regardless of the length. It can be degraded or not.

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