Steps and tips used in the method of proofing

Brisbane bathroom waterproofing

There is also some of the step to waterproof your bathrooms with the help of a SAM, they are

Checking of adhesion in the surface

Before, applying the chemical which is used for waterproofing the surface you have to check the surface which can be capable of the usage of chemicals. You have to check the test the bonding strength by applying a small strip on the surface. The protective foil should be removed from strip and then the mixture can be applied to the wall, then to pull down the strip from the wall by holding. This article is to know about the Brisbane bathroom waterproofing .

Method 1:

While testing the process, the strip may not able to the incorrect procedure when you used to pull downward, so it is necessary to treat with the primer which has the properties of better adhesion.

Method 2:

Some strips can be used without the test of the sealing system and primer.


You should be careful while spraying the primer. You should spray the primer in the distance of 20 centimeters approximately, which is mostly depending on the material. After applying the primer the wall should be left in air condition for about five to fifteen minutes. Also, you have to protect them without affecting any moisture and as well as dust, etc… which will be a sticky component when it is applied.

Cleaning your work station

Before the installation process, you have to check the walls and floors are in the cleaned condition. This is to achieve the optimal bonding all the surfaces should be very cleaned and free from the use of adhesion materials like acid, grease, dust, etc… still an obscure view you have to make sure about the floor is free from the substances like grease and as well as in dry condition.

Applying in corner places

Mostly the corner places cannot be applied easily with put any mistakes, so better to start to apply the chemical used in the place of corner. First, remove the substances like foil materials from the bottom and corner place on the floor. Next to that, you should remove the materials like foil from every part and then you have to apply in the wall. Using tools which is smooth much easier to apply with constant pressures when it is applied with the walls and floor materials

Applying the tape

Brisbane bathroom waterproofing

Then you have to apply the tapes in the corners and as well as edges of the buildings. The protective film can be removed and the air pockets also should be removed by using squeegee or spatula and the air pressure should be applied. The covering of tape should be covered correctly without any of the mistakes. You should be careful not to damage the part of the membrane when the foil is getting removed.

Plumb fittings

The waterproof plumb fittings should be done. This includes the sleeves in the wall which is used to seal the plumb fittings and as well as the pipes which are placed out of the floor or even in walls. The transition which is in between the pipe should be free from the gypsum or even in the form of the plaster. There are some of the sizes of sleeves like DN100, DN50, etc… to get rid of the air bubbles and as well as wrinkles the spatula is used.

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