Some myths about casino gambling

Here is a list of 7 prevalent myths about casino gambling that are too lame to be believed.

MYTH 1: Gamblers can foresee the trends occurring in the casino games

It is a good skill to carefully observe the trends occurring at certain slot machines, or tables, but you can not rely on them completely. Some gamblers thoroughly observe the numbers hitting the charts more frequently and the more rewarding machines, but they cannot be sure that the trending number will work for them. Of course, certain probabilities are meant to occur but they usually fail in the long-run.

MYTH 2: Virgin principle works with casino gambling

Why would anyone believe something like that? The funny Virgin principle claims that a female dice shooter’s first turn would bring lots of money on the table. This is just so silly because if you look carefully, you would even find it to be true with first-time males. There are also several instances where both first-time males and females can utterly ruin the dice. So, just don’t pay any heed to such foolish myths.

MYTH 3: The third baseman in the blackjack is the walking encyclopedia

Do you think so? Blackjack is a card game where no one knows which card might show up next, not even the third baseman, so how do you think they are a smart-ass? They are just making wild-guesses which sometimes work but also fail. No one at the blackjack table can disorder the cards. Keep in mind that if there are winning streaks happening for one, there are also losing streaks happening for someone else. So, don’t believe the guesses of the third baseman.

MYTH 4: Casino games are predestined

Yes, of course, the casinos do have some tricks that give them an upper edge over the gamblers, which is not wrong because that is how they can survive. There are some statistical ways by which the casino machines benefit the casino over the gamblers. But this does not mean that the casino games are fixed, as that is illegal. The authorities cannot cheat the gamblers. The casinos have a working structure that is known to everyone and is not unfair in any terms.

MYTH 5: Both men and women have similar inclinations at the casino

This myth is irrelevant because when both the sexes don’t have similar interests in any other field, then how would this happen at the casino! The men usually like to go for games like the craps or video poker, whereas the women prefer to flock at the slot machines. Roulette and blackjack tables are probably the only ones having an equal number of men and women.

MYTH 6: The players calculate all their movesĀ 

By seeing the wagering style of the gamblers, one really can’t judge what’s going on in their mind. The gambler appearing to be very calculative and wise, might not be thinking at all! So, this is just one another myth. The truth instead is that the casinos are a place where people recklessly take decisions.

MYTH 7: There are two types of machines at the casino- hot and cold!

This is yet another prevalent myth about casino gambling. No such differentiation of machines exists in reality. A slot machine that fills the pocket of the gamblers is considered to be a hot one, and as soon as it stops giving them anything, they call it a cold one! It just depends upon how you think. If a machine gives you a single win of 500 units after 30 losses(5 unit loss in each one), can you call it a hot machine? Think again!

So, now when you have eliminated all these myths from your mind, you can experience and understand real gambling. And for that purpose, there can be no better platform than judi online terpercaya.

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