Secret Behind Preparation of Limoncello


Limoncello Dolceterra

Dolceterra is an Italian up market retailer who has a new Memoritaly Collection that offers original Italian products and gift packs perfect for Christmas holidays in advance! If you are planning to celebrate this Christmas at your hometown then shop the best products from, for yourself and for those whom you would like to gift something unique and original, to let them have unique Italian experience! Hurry UP! Start preparing this drink to give a sweet treat to your loved ones.

Why buy a bottle of lemonade drink from outside when you can prepare it at your own home and gift your homemade limonocella drink on special occasions to your family members or friends by filling this sweet drink in a Dolceterra glass jars with print of lemons that define Italian culture. It is actually a traditional Italian drink that is served after the dinner. We know that lemons are bitter and sour in taste but here in the case of this unique drink, one can find it as a tart and sweet that is pack of powerful alcoholic punch. Pour it directly in a short glass to sip and taste each and every drop of this drink by your own or mix it into gin or else try it with any fruit to form cocktails.

Secret behind Preparation of this Lemonade Drink

  1. If you have your own lemon farm then you are very lucky as we are sharing how to prepare this wonderful recipe which is an Italian drink at your home itself or else you can buy some organic lemons which are free from coating of wax and other pesticides.
  2. The first step of this unique drink preparation is thorough cleaning of the lemons and then peeling out the yellow zest of each lemon using a vegetable peeler or lemon zester. But be careful that you are not taking out any white pith inside the zest.
  3. After this you need to transfer the whole zest into a glass jar and at top of it pour enough vodka or else cover it with clear grain alcohol. If you are taking a cup of alcohol then you should use two to three lemons.
  4. Seal the jar tightly and store it in a cool dry and dark place for about two to 10 days. The longer you can let the lemons steep in the alcohol, the deeper the lemon flavor.
  5. After the liquid in the jar is steeped, filter the content using a sieve set over a bowl and discard the zest which is caught in the sieve. Meanwhile, take equal parts of water and sugar in a saucepan and keep stirring the whole mixture well on low flame until the sugar completely gets dissolved.
  6. Now allow this sweet syrup to cool settle down at room temperature, and again start stirring it by adding some more alcohol. Just keep on adding 1/2 cup of syrup per cup of alcohol, and keep checking its taste. Continue adding this sugar syrup until your limoncello tastes the best. It should neither overpoweringly tart nor much sweeter.
  7. Now use a funnel to pour this lemonade drink into the bottles or jars which you just bought online from that are perfect Italian drink holders with tightly fitting caps.



Hope you got the secret of Prepare this lemonade drink at your own home and keep it for more than one year in lemon designed Dolceterra bottles or jars that add beauty to your drink and storage area of freezer. Serve this sweet lemonade drink chilled after dinner that is an unique Italian punch to make your guests feel special.

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