Place of jurisdiction in the supervisory board association

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They adopt the resolution in general meeting by a majority of simple in the cast of the vote. They required by law in the resolution of the general meeting to be adopted in the consisting majority of three-quarters in the capital to adopted in the resolution of the representation. There are many benefits in the majority of the four-fifths of the capital share of the company in the resolution. There are some applies exclusively to increase and decrease in the capital share. There are some in the place of the sole in all disputes between shareholders and beneficiaries in the financial instruments which are relating in the company shares on the one hand and other companies should share their documents in the mandatory of claim in the damage which is caused by false. There is information in the market of the misleading market of the public to provide some informationtry this out for the information.

Bodies of executive

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The management of monitoring is responsible for the supervisory board and it has important in approving the decision to cooperate. It may appoint in the management of members of the board. The Volkswagen AG in the supervisory board of comprises 20 members and to conform the german co-determination act. There should be 20 members in the supervisory board in the shareholders representative. It may directly or indirectly hold at least 15 % of the company’s ordinary shares. The annual general meeting is elected by the supervisory board of the shareholder representative. It may consist of half of the supervisory board of their employment should be elected by the workforce. Totally 8 meetings are conducted by the supervisory board in the financial year of 2019. The rate of attendance is 94.3 %. They adopted some urgent matter in the particular resolution in the way of writing or using electronic communication. The supervisory board member attended all the time of the meeting of the committee and their supervisory board.


In the case of farce at Volkswagen in the corporate governance which is set in the year of 2015 of September. Some events are precipitate at the start of the emission scandal and technology tampering. Some unfold history is organizational in the culture of threatening, cheating of deliberate, and governance of good failure. There is some case present through the outgoing CEO who took the responsibility in this event and to be shocked and student in the misconduct of the scale should occur in the VW group. They may give some responsibilities in the management of the board and supervisory board.  There are some material cases based on the public domain that will be published in the member of the keyboard of Volkswagen and the company website. There is some undergraduate case are used in the senior classes and education level of execution course of the level to be cooperated by the governance and ethical practices. This supervisory board had some of its impact on the organizational culture. This case may be written in the process of educational and no intended in the represent of successful or unsuccessful in the making decision of managerial. They may be discussed in the author’s name financial and some information to protect recognizable confidentiality.

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