Painting the miniature with detail

miniature painting service

From the medieval age, artists used to do the exquisite portraits by the watercolour on the surface of ivory or vellum. That is the origin of the miniature painting service  sketches. They had used the finely detailed techniques some are,

  • Stippling
  • Hatching

These are helpful to create the layers of colour in the painting, those are not longer than 6.2 X 4.5 inches. Most of the miniature artists even today are painting in the traditional methods. But the variations of miniature updated and came in many mediums such as,

  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolour
  • Acrylics

These are very few apart from this many other varieties of the medium is available. But vellum is the best choice of the people and the artist for the painting services. Nowadays many other different surfaces are tasking as a test and artists are working on it for better results. Those surfaces are,

  • Ivorine
  • Polymer
  • Smooth paper or card
  • Board
  • Etc

In this, we are going to see how to paint the miniatures using acrylic. These paintings are versatile and rich in colour. Anyone can do the miniature paintings if you have the standard hands and a lot more patience.

miniature painting service

Draw the miniature:

Here, we can take the hardboard or the MDF board you can use the watercolour to finish the drawings. You can take a minimum of 3 X 3.75 inches board to start your work. First of all, take the traces or draw roughly about your imagination. If you start your drawing about nature then you do not want to draw all flowers and plants initially just take a rough picture of the things you are going to draw. If you do so then the paint will coat on it and then you would not get a clear picture.

For the perfect picture, your brush should be very essential. That only helps to do the fine details of the miniature so buying the brush should be careful. For the ideal stippling, the oil bristle brush is the best option. Trial and error is the base for the miniatures because how much you fail in the miniature that much you can learn from it. If your brush does not did its work properly change it. Coming to paint you have n number of options you may get confused about the brands and all. In paints also the same application is applicable because the experience teaches you how to make them work flawlessly.

Use the round brush number 4 which is very perfect for drawing the areas like the sky and also many free-floating surfaces. Then to get the best background trees you can use the old dry bristle brushes which helps better than the other. If you want to give a perfect look to the table and the clothes the number 2 of the painting brush is the best thing you can do with. Maximum in the miniature painting number 4 brush gives the better option than the other brushes. Even in the brushes by studying from the books or articles about the brush tips when you get the experience from your drawing skill you can be the better artist within a short time.

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