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As usually happens when you decide to sell your home, the first step everyone takes is to attempt a sale privately, and here the first problems often begin. After a careful choice of the strategy that we must adapt, we find ourselves unfailingly displaying a sign for sale, carefully written and prepared on our front door, signs that usually do not last long, both because they are not appreciated by other condominiums, and because of the weather conditions, or because they are taken from us only to make us a spite. Visiting https://grootrealtyco.com/ will be perfect in this case.

The Best Assumption


Assuming that our cartel overcomes all these series of obstacles and remains there undeterred and dedicated to the work it has to do, the first difficulties that usually face are due to the lack of common sense on the part of some people who, seeing the sign for sale, begin to intercom to all condominiums, at the strangest hours, to find out which apartment of the building it is, despite the fact that on our sign, very well prepared, there is our clearly visible telephone number.

  • At this point, once we have been identified, the decision to welcome people who do not know each other into the house creates some embarrassment, especially if we were not ready to welcome them, and above all a little of our apprehension is justified by the fact of not knowing the actual intentions of those who are about to cross our threshold.
  • So here we are at the second obstacle that sees us improvising from Cicero in guiding aspiring buyers, trying to expose our home to the best, highlighting what are its strengths, which usually does not come easy.
  • Then when we realize that a simple sign is not enough, the most logical step is to advertise our apartment, on what are the most well-known property listing newspapers, and other problems also begin here.
  • Here we are invaded by phone calls, at 90% agencies, at the strangest hours, but we are ready with our speech now repeated dozens of times.

If lucky, after having overcome all the obstacles previously described, we are able to find our likely buyer, the problem arises of undertaking an often unpleasant negotiation, above all because we would not want to get off the price we had set ourselves, but our buyer, like everyone else, he would like to pay as little as possible, promising us payments that are not too congenial for us.

Having finally reached an agreement, the doubts that assail us are manifold, especially when we have to subscribe to the agreed conditions.

How do we prepare and sign a preliminary sale agreement?

Above all, how can we be sure that what we are underwriting is right and appropriate to our problems, and adequate for any transactions that we should face with the proceeds of the sale?

This concise and real premise serves to make it clear that selling a property is not at all easy, indeed it is an operation that certainly, until completed, brings enormous inconvenience to us and our family and above all, if not carried out with care and with the right precautions, could make us find in situations, economically speaking and not only, risky.

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