Laser Tag Team Building Logistics and team building activities

laser tag singapore team building

While basic laser tag involves plenty of action and competition, Strategic Laser Tag is a fun, heart-healthy experience designed to boost morale, develop communication, and supercharge engagement amongst your teams. In a state-of-the-art arena, Dynamic Sector Technology and self-activated temporary power-ups provide a strategic gameplay experience, necessitating teamwork to achieve an objective.

laser tag singapore team building


  • The beauty of a strategic laser tag is everyone can participate at their comfort level to help their team to victory regardless of health and physical limitations including mobility and adaptive needslaser tag singapore team building the black light of a laser tag arena even provides a masking cover for more introverted members of a team to thrive.
  • Headquarters now familiar with strategic tag, players must organize to destroy Headquarters sectors in the opposing team’s half of the arena. The deeper into enemy territory, the more points Headquarters are worth. Due to the importance of defensive objectives protecting their HQs, this ultimate team-building format requires organization, leadership, and prioritization toward overall team success.
  • Domination King of the Hill Along with introducing players to strategic laser tag, the objective of Domination is to score team points for every second they control the sectors in the arena. With 7 sectors and the need for players to recharge when deactivated, Domination requires teams to continuously communicate to effectively hold & defend enough sectors for enough time to win.

Building Logistics and team building activities

This depends on the goals and objectives of your team building program. Surveys from past team building groups have produced a roughly bell-shaped curve ranging from once a year to once a month. Based on skill level, more advanced activities can be designed for repeat groups. After work to wash away the day’s stress through play therapy works, too.

New experiences can lead to new break-troughs. No matter what the experts say, there’s no exact science in the most effective team building since there are so many variables. As with many aspects of business, you have to test a hypothesis and evaluate results. Now that you’re equipped with answers to questions, go get that budget approval for your next team building activity.

Laser tag players

Laser tag players will enjoy playing the exciting game in a safe, low-light, 4,500 square feet arena that is enhanced with flashing lights, theatrical haze, pounding music, and surprising special effects. Laser Tag will offer an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere while being committed to maintaining an environment enticing to not only teens and young adults, but also the entire family. Our trained personnel will reception our clients as special visitors and help out with various assembly functions such as centenary parties or scout acknowledgement and accomplishment measures, make sure that everybody has a fun, enjoyable practice. The key success factors are themed environments, staff training, customer satisfaction, marketing, and equipment.

Customer Satisfaction is critical for the long-term success of the facility. The ability to be polite, ensure the guests’ safety and satisfaction, and take pride in providing a pleasant experience are all vital to achieving long-term profit and converting this from a fad into a business. Marketing is one of the greatest issues in the industry. Build It and They Will Come.

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