How to choose a rug?

funky abstract rugs

funky abstract rugs

Rugs make the house and each room of the house beautiful and to decorate with rugs, they have to choose a perfect rug for the same. The rugs should be cleaned easily and should be in the budget. There are many funky abstract rugs available, which can be bought from the market or online through a website. Here are the tips, which will help the people to choose a rug.

Place of putting the rugs

The owner has to check the location where he has to put the rugs. It can be a single room, all the rooms, open space, etc. The owner will also have to think about the traffic in that room. If the traffic is more, the rugs could get stained. For such places, the rugs to be laid should be easily cleaned.


The next thing that the owner as to think is the material e=which is used to make the rugs. Some of the rugs are expensive because of the material used to make them. Here are some of the materials, which are used to make rugs.


This is a natural fabric and rugs made with it last long. The wool has the capability of repelling stains. It can be cleaned easily through vacuum cleaner or soap and water. The owner can choose the woolen rugs for all the rooms whether they have more or less traffic. Shedding may occur for a few months but after that shedding will stop.


This fiber is developed from the pulp of wool and its look is like that of silk. In order to give shine and luster to the woolen rugs, viscose is blended with it.


This is a durable and affordable fabric and the rugs made with it can be laid down at the entrance door and playrooms.

Jute and Sisal

This is a natural fiber and rugs made with it can be used in those areas of the house where there is more traffic. If it is stained then its removal is very difficult. The texture of the rugs can make the rooms luxurious. If they are blended with wool or cotton, the look of the room will be enhanced.


Construction of rugs is another thing to consider and these are the ways in which they are woven.


This type of construction includes thick pile of fiber and people feel comfort while walking barefoot on it. Cleaning the shags is very difficult and a professional is needed in order to clean the rugs thoroughly.


Tufted rugs are the looped rugs, which can be used to create thick pile. The tufted weaving makes the rugs durable as they are woven by hands. The tufting is also done with the help of tufting gun.

Wrapping up

These are some of the tips, which people can consider while choosing a rug. Other things to be considered are budget, size, placement, etc. All these things can make the rooms beautiful at a reasonable cost.

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