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archery tag singapore price

Archery tag is the art of sports game that youcan play using the tools like bow and arrows arrangement to form an archery tag equipment which was invented by John Jackson India based globally archery products founding sport in 2011 also the combat archery and archery tag singapore price is grown more than 13000 location throughout the U.S. Archery game that allows you to tag each other by shooting the opponent team member with safe foam-tipped arrows, to create front-row medieval battlefield experience for you and your teammate friends many of leading archery provider in Singapore majority of them provides an offer for making arrangement and tools. Normally the price starts from only $15/pax. Based on the equipment and arrangements type of archery the cost may be varying. For example, to have casual fun games the package can be calculated like Casual Package for 1 hour = SGD 350,Casual Package for 1.5 hours = SGD 500. In this, coaching has been given by experienced facilitators like how to use protective gear on how to be safe while playing, and so on. For team building and leader they are charging approximately more than 1000 dollars where they teach you team-based challenges, briefing of learning points, along with the provision of high-quality Mongolian bows.

archery tag singapore price

People are not only using the game for archery sports in Singapore. If theywant to have enjoyedthis fun in used to play birthday party also for that many of the malls public parks having this type of archery play providers available in the markets.

How ancient the archery tag

In India, the word archery meant that hunting which is a most ancient sport in the ancient world the archery has been explained clearly in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Archery had described well in the above two great epics. In which archery was played quite extensively for hunting the animals and birds for having foods which is also important for military actions over 10000 years.Mesolithic cave paintings in Spainare the pictorial evidence of archery After recognized the importance of that the game has been implemented later stage andarchery is still practiced today including the special forces in the regime of various countries across the globe. In India the first national archery championship held on 1973 later stage it happened in various places like Rajasthan Kolkata West Bengal.

Rules for play the archery games

Rules may differ from state to country. In combat archery each team of 5-member gear up with facemasks and recurve bows which are separated by certain boundaries of a safe zone. The arrow of the equipment foam-tipped. When the whistle blows each team member trying to tag the opponent team members eliminating them out of the team and also each team member trying to hide themselves escape from opponent team member arrows. Here if you eliminating the team members will get bonus points to bring back the member of your eliminated team. Really if you wish to put up the battle skills test just go ahead with archery tag there are several countries having this game once if you get interested there might be a chance of sportsperson.

Have a fun-filled shooting…. and have a great experience

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