Custom Book Making: The Ways You Need to Do

make a custom book

Have you tried everything to find a publisher? But have you done these basic steps? You have just wrapped up your manuscript, and you will start your submission campaign. Unfortunately, doubt, like a David Douillet stuffed with creation, hugs you: among the more than 3500 publishing houses, which one to choose? How to target the publishers that fit your project? How to be sure to talk to potentially interested houses? Let’s review the basic principles of a well-crafted campaign. Easy options to make a custom book are here now.

Beware of your reflexes

The very first time, you’ll say, “I’m going to start with XYZ, at random. Because even if you have been warned, you will secretly think that for you, the big Parisian house will make an exception. That packaged by your text, Antoine will do everything for your sign.

It will not happen. You can take my word for it. The quality of your text is not even in question. But to enter one of these signs, one must be already published elsewhere or recommended by someone from the house. In publishing, forget the brilliant ideas that end up by chance. Or, you do not want that to make you edit.

Come back to fundamentals

make a custom book

Now that you have lived for months, perhaps years with your manuscript, you have a more or less clear answer to the question “What? (What is my book about) and “For whom? (What is my potential reader?)

Find a publisher

Find a publisher is an art: when you want to catch a pike brook, it does not look with golden snappers. Your text is one genre, two perhaps of a subgenre, if it is. Set it. Use common sense and honesty. Do not play text talks about everything, there are many things in it, it will let you read, you’ll see. No one among your prospected publishers will give himself this trouble.

Your answers to what and for whom? Do you feel doubtful? Look for confirmation or corrigenda. Check your beta readers. And if you are still hesitating, remember this obvious: we write books like those we like to read. Look at your bedside books, and you’ll remember what you’re passionate about.

Explore the sources

Now that you have an idea of ​​what and for whom, you can start looking for relevant publishers. Where to find relevant publisher names? All over just bend down to pick up some information.

To find an editor, read

Here you are equipped with some names of publishers. However, this draft listing has for the moment only theoretical interest. You will have to qualify it, enrich it with what you will learn about each of these houses. For this, difficult to cut, go through the box reading. Read books from each publisher. This is the surest way to know if you are made for each other. And then, if you find yourself one day face to face, you will tell him something that makes him happy: him. Many young writers do not care at all about reading. Reading and writing are the two phases of breathing. Do not forget it.

Listen to what you are told

Take an interest in the publisher’s information documents. Publishers do their best to communicate what they are looking for. Finding this information is not difficult.

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