Everything About Ald-52

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Ald-52, also known as 1-Acetyl-N,N-diethyllysergamide which is the scientific name of this research chemical. Ald-52 is another semi-synthetically created compound which co-relates to the lysergamide class like its other siblings 1P-LSD. The effects administered by this chemical are closely related to the effects of any other psychedelic compound when administered over variant ranges of dosage. Like its predecessor LSD and siblings’ compound 1P-LSD the effects and region of the brain affected, and the way it is affected is nearly identical which is why there are overlapping areas of research and thus benefits from such factors. The only downside is that there has not been enough research done on the long term effects of these narcotics on the human body like showing permanent signs of damage or changes due to the fact that the time period over which the testing has been done is relatively smaller.

Discovered by Albert Hofmann during his study on LSD analogs which remained under the tables but caught attention during the 1960s western culture uprising where almost every kind of chemical that gives a buzz was present. It was during this time humanity truly came in contact with the newer LSD and other compounds that were synthetically created using the original chemical. During this time LSD was popular for its high potency but over time with the rising awareness, the supposed research chemical started switching with other chemicals due to the fact that there were major cases of permanent nerve damage. But there is no definite proof for this since these chemicals at that time were mixed with other compounding drugs that are never safe. The LSD we are talking about here which was being distributed was actually ALD-52 which was later called “orange sunshine”.

When the first ALD-52 drug was being clinically tested the users reported irritability, mood and sleep difficulties, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness, and/or various forms of physical discomfort that peak within the first week after dosage and last up to 2 weeks. But the problems with these trials were the fact that most of the dosage was considerably high and that would cause discomfort of these kinds. Nowadays testing on these drugs is considerably safer due to the high level of awareness caused by many organizations all around the world. This is why most chemical suppliers are doing their best to keep their delivery and method of handling the drugs as safe as possible.

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You can visit lizard labs to get the Ald 52 powder by simply searching for lizard labs Ald 52 or Ald-52 from lizard labs which do provide you with the extensive details and precautions you need are listed in MSDS. There are other chemicals too that people usually test on like the sibling counterpart of ALD-52 which is 1P-LSD which you can also order from lizard labs, simply search for Lizard labs 1plsd link. 4-ac-det is another one of the infamous research chemicals which you would need to set up proper control groups to get the best out of your research and you can do that by getting this drug from a chemical supplier who handles it with extreme care since it is really harmful if not handled with care (you should order it using 4-aco-det link for lizard labs). One of the more useful research chemicals is also provided by lizard labs which is bromazolam, if you are interested you should Check this bromazolam at lizard labs.

The ald52 powder link or Ald-52 link (lizard labs) will get you the things you need as well as the research and list of precautions you need during testing this research chemical. Alexander Shulgin has touched briefly on the discussion that was the uproar during the 1990s and he has documented everything he thought or tested in his book TiHKAL under section LSD-25. TiHKAL (“Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved”) is the infamous book of alexander Shulgin who discovered many tryptamines of psychedelic attributes that have revolutionized the using of research chemicals like those to create many of the new compound and medicine that is used these days. The book suggested that the dosage in the range of 50-175 µg was the ideal testing zone, but an extremely higher end of the spectrum is only said to be tested under extreme supervision and a high amount of gap between doses. The results of these doses were extremely similar to that of LSD which is why similar to that drug the Microdosing method is applicable here too but make sure you keep the fact that ALD-52 is less potent than LSD in mind before deciding the dosage while comparing it to the amount of LSD that researchers use.


Like LSD, ALD-52 is considered to be non-toxic and does not have any sort of addictive properties in the scientific community but the effects it causes on our body are almost near identical. There are unpredictable results seen over unprecedented dosages and every single one of them have similar effects but the thing that varies is intensity. With dosage being on the higher end of the recommended dosage spectrum, more severe like anxiety, paranoia, delusions, and psychosis are seen. Although there are no addiction properties that have been reported and no permanent change in the structure of the brain is seen over long exposure there are still common problems like always feeling restless, craving for flow states, and withdrawal in some extreme cases. Sometimes these happen due to unregulated exposure over an uneven time gap which could lead to the term “bad trip” and cause all of these problems even at relatively small dosages. The bad trip phase can also occur when new test subjects are exposed to the research chemical that they have never administered before which makes up the inexperience error and improper mindset preparation since these properties are directly proportional to how good the effects would be. Microdosing is one of the ideal ways of testing drugs like these since even a really small dosage can be considered highly effective which is why you should microdose it over a time gap of 3-4 days.

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