Detox drinks: Myths and facts

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Detox diets have been marketed as ways to remove toxins from the body and improve your health. It is usually followed along with detox drinks which are promoted as healthy. But, our body in itself is fully capable of removing any toxins or poisonous substances under normal conditions. Detoxification is even prescribed by doctors for people who are addicted to certain harmful drugs and it is used to treat people experiencing acute intoxication. But detox diets and drinks only help in weight loss, support the natural detoxification process and provide a boost to health but not provide the same detoxification as those prescribed by doctors (medical detoxification).

Detox drinks and diets are found to help in weight loss but that is only because of the low amount of calories that this diet has. But this sort of weight loss is unsustainable and people who lose a few pounds in such a way tend to regain the weight in the long term. Also, such diets might not provide all the nutrients needed for the body to function properly and remain healthy and thus could cause problems if used for a long time. Detox drinks can however be healthful when taken along with balanced diets. This is because people usually do not consume enough fruits and vegetables in their day to day life and consuming fruits and vegetables based drinks as a part of a balanced diet can provide them complete and good nutrition. When you consume detox drinks such as smoothies, you also get the added benefit of having fiber in it which juice alone lacks. 

Mainly, detox and healthful drinks are smoothies of different forms and its potential benefit depends on the type of ingredients you choose to put in your drink. Fruit smoothies are a form of healthful detox drinks which are good tasting but that is due to the high amount of sugar present in them. So, fruit smoothies should be consumed in moderation. Green or vegetable smoothies can contain carrots, turnip, beetroot, celery, cabbage etc and have a lot of nutrients along with very less sugar and fat. Green smoothies can taste a bit unpleasant to a few people and you can search good recipes and modifications online in order to make it taste good. Combination smoothies contain both fruit and vegetable smoothies and are a great way of reducing sugar intake in fruit smoothies while also consuming a lot of nutrients needed for good health. You can add nuts and seeds to improve protein and fiber value of such drinks. You can read other people’s “my story” to really understand how others use this product.

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