Some myths about casino gambling

Here is a list of 7 prevalent myths about casino gambling that are too lame to be believed.

MYTH 1: Gamblers can foresee the trends occurring in the casino games

It is a good skill to carefully observe the trends occurring at certain slot machines, or tables, but you can not rely on them completely. Some gamblers thoroughly observe the numbers hitting the charts more frequently and the more rewarding machines, but they cannot be sure that the trending number will work for them. Of course, certain probabilities are meant to occur but they usually fail in the long-run.

MYTH 2: Virgin principle works with casino gambling

Why would anyone believe something like that? The funny Virgin principle claims that a female dice shooter’s first turn would bring lots of money on the table. This is just so silly because if you look carefully, you would even find it to …

make a custom book

Custom Book Making: The Ways You Need to Do

Have you tried everything to find a publisher? But have you done these basic steps? You have just wrapped up your manuscript, and you will start your submission campaign. Unfortunately, doubt, like a David Douillet stuffed with creation, hugs you: among the more than 3500 publishing houses, which one to choose? How to target the publishers that fit your project? How to be sure to talk to potentially interested houses? Let’s review the basic principles of a well-crafted campaign. Easy options to make a custom book are here now.

Beware of your reflexes

The very first time, you’ll say, “I’m going to start with XYZ, at random. Because even if you have been warned, you will secretly think that for you, the big Parisian house will make an exception. That packaged by your text, Antoine will do everything for your sign.

It will not happen. You can take my word …

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